Youth in a Supplement? The Surprising Truth About NMN/ NMN 18000 Supplements

NMNNMN 18000 Anti Aging Benefits and How it Works

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMNNMN 18000) is a nucleotide found naturally in the body that has potential anti aging effects. This article will explore what NMNNMN 18000 is, how it may benefit aging and potential side effects.


What is NMN/ NMN 18000?

NMN/ NMN 18000 stands for Nicotinamide mononucleotide. It is a molecule related to vitamin B3 (niacin/niacinamide) that occurs naturally in all living cells. NMN/ NMN 18000 acts as a precursor to other important molecules like Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which is essential for cellular energy production and repair.


How does NMN/ NMN 18000 benefit aging?

As people age, levels of NAD+ in cells tend to decline. This reduction in NAD+ is associated with age related conditions like:


Mitochondrial dysfunction

Mitochondria are the energy producers in cells and require NAD+ for optimal function. Lower levels of NAD+ can impair mitochondrial energy production and increase oxidative stress.


DNA damage

NAD+ is needed for DNA repair enzymes to function properly. Lower NAD+ may result in accumulated DNA damage over time.


Cell senescence

Senescent cells no longer divide but remain metabolically active and secrete pro-inflammatory signals. NAD+ helps clear senescent cells.


Stem cell exhaustion

Adult stem cells depend on NAD+ to maintain their regenerative potential. Diminished NAD+ can exhaust stem cell pools.


By replenishing NAD+ levels through supplementing with NMNNMN 18000, these age related processes may potentially be slowed down. In animal studies, NMN/ NMN 18000 has been shown to:


NMN can Increase lifespan

NMN/ NMN 18000 supplementation extended lifespan in mice by around 20%.


NMN can Improve organ function

NMN/ NMN 18000 improved function of organs like the heart, liver, and kidneys in aging mice.


NMN can Enhance metabolic health

NMN/ NMN 18000 reduced blood sugar, cholesterol, and signs of fatty liver in rodent models.


NMN Promotes cognitive benefits

NMN/ NMN 18000 improved memory and reverse signs of brain aging in aged mice.


NMN Potential side effects

Based on current research, NMN/ NMN 18000 appears to be well tolerated with minimal side effects. However, potential risks could include:


Gastrointestinal issues

Some people have reported nausea, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort with high dose NMN/ NMN 18000 supplements.


Allergic reactions

As NMN/ NMN 18000 is related to niacin, there is a theoretical risk of rare niacin flush reactions in sensitive individuals.


In summary, NMN/ NMN 18000 appears to be safe at commonly recommended doses of 100 to 250 mg per day. Speak with your healthcare provider before taking NMN/ NMN 18000 supplements.


How NMN/ NMN 18000 may work to slow aging

The proposed mechanisms by which NMN/ NMN 18000 may help counteract signs of aging involve:


Increasing NAD+ levels

Since NMN/ NMN 18000 acts as a precursor to NAD+, supplementing with NMN/ NMN 18000 raises intracellular levels of NAD+. This in turn activates NAD+ dependent processes that combat aspects of aging.


Mitochondrial restoration

By enhancing mitochondrial NAD+ levels, NMN/ NMN 18000 may help restore mitochondrial function and efficiency. This could reduce oxidative stress and improve cellular energy production.


DNA repair activation

Higher NAD+ activates DNA repair enzymes that detect and fix DNA damage before it accumulates. This likely contributes to maintaining genomic stability as we age.


Senescent cell clearance

Immune cells require NAD+ to find and eliminate senescent cells. NMN/ NMN 18000 may assist these immune cells in removing aged cells that promote inflammation.


Stem cell rejuvenation

Adult stem cell function depends on adequate NAD+. NMN/ NMN 18000 may support stem cell activities involved in tissue maintenance and repair.


In summary, by boosting intracellular NAD+ levels, NMN/ NMN 18000 has the potential to target multiple processes involved in aging at the cellular and molecular level. 

NMN 18000

NMN 18000

  • Increase NAD+ levels
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Repair DNA and anti-aging






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