Boost your cells, boost yourself – What is NMN and Why Should I Care?

Boost your cells, boost yourself - What is NMN and Why Should I Care?

As I approach my 30s, I’m more conscious than ever about maintaining my health and slowing the effects of aging. Like most women my age, I’m constantly on the lookout for natural ways to boost energy levels, improve brain function and ensure longevity.

Recently my search led me to nicotinamide mononucleotide, or NMN for short. NMN is a molecule found naturally in the body that generates more of an important coenzyme called NAD+. NAD+ helps with cellular metabolism and energy production, so boosting its levels seems like it could offer major benefits for anti-aging.

As a woman juggling career, family and self-care, the potential benefits of NMN supplements sound appealing: increased energy, better mitochondrial function, reduced inflammation and cognitive benefits. However, as with any supplement, I wanted to learn more before incorporating NMN into my wellness routine. Here’s what my research uncovered.

What NMN Does In The Body

NMN helps your cells produce NAD+. As we age, NAD+ levels decline, which can cause metabolic dysfunction, higher inflammation and reduced cellular repair. Supplementing with NMN may help restore NAD+ levels to combat these age-related effects.

With more NAD+, your mitochondria – the tiny organelles that produce energy for cells – can function better. This could translate to higher energy levels, endurance and metabolic health. NAD+ also activates sirtuins, proteins involved in DNA repair, neuron health and circadian rhythm regulation. So NMN may offer neurological benefits as well.

Potential Benefits For Women Over 30

Based on what we know about NAD+ and early animal studies, there are a few potential benefits I’m excited about:

Metabolic health: Higher NAD+ levels have been linked to improvements in insulin sensitivity, blood sugar control and weight management – all common health concerns for women my age.

Cognitive function: NMN may help slow cognitive decline by protecting neurons and reducing inflammation in the brain. This could preserve memory and focus as we age.

Mitochondrial support: Better mitochondrial function could translate to higher energy levels, endurance and possibly workout recovery – all important factors for an active 30-something woman.

Anti-aging effects: Early animal studies show that NMN can extend lifespan by reversing hallmarks of aging at a cellular level.This research does show that NMN supplements increase NAD+ levels and improve metabolic markers.

Should You Try NMN Supplements?

As a woman in my 30s looking to optimize my health and wellness, the emerging research on NMN is certainly encouraging. I’ll also continue focusing on lifestyle habits proven to boost NAD+ naturally: a balanced diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants, daily exercise and sufficient sleep. Overall, an anti-aging approach that combines both inner wellness and outer well-being still seems like the safest bet to maximize my health as I age.

In summary, NMN shows great potential.  A holistic approach that incorporates both conventional and alternative therapies will likely offer the most benefit – now and in the future.

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